We have fun with Oregon!

At Oregonsports Media, we’re not just focused on covering the teams, people and unique communities that make the state great, but also capturing their results for posterity. That’s why we produce an annual Almanac that showcases the key results in print. It’s our way to keep an eye not only on the drama of a story, but its place in history while it’s happening.

But, capturing history is only a part of our mission. We’re committed to having a great time while we do it, which involves getting as many people from all sectors of the state involved, not just a few professional writers, and not just adults. If fourth-graders can write about sports, we’ll find a place for them.

Because so much of our content is focused on high school and college athletics, we use an academic calendar to keep track of our coverage. It’s our way to lead the state’s media coverage into the future and into history at the same time.

So, if you’re motivated by writing and want to be part of a larger writing community, give us a shout at info@oregonsports.com and find a spot in our line-up. There’s plenty of entertaining memories to be made.

Cliff Pfenning, Publisher.