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2015 Season




April 18, Oregon City

                                  1           2            3             4             

Clark County              





2015 Schedule



Home games at Oregon City High School


18   Clark County Vipers, 6 p.m.  GAME RESULT

25   South Lane Buzzards, 6 p.m.  GAME RESULT


9     At Portland Pitbulls, 6 p.m.  GAME RESULT


The 2015 season begins with 10 teams, two with new names
Jan. 9, 2015 / By Cliff Pfenning, Oregonsports Journal

The fifth year of the Pacific Football league officially kicks off on April 18 with the same 10 teams from a year ago, although two have changed their names.

The Portland Monarchs, who won the league title in 2012, have become the Pitbulls, and the South King County Colts, who played for the league title last year, changed to the South Sound Nighthawks.





NBA Playoffs get busy, just not in Portland

SPORTSLAND: First round series sweeps appear hard to expect
April 30, 2012 / By Carlos Molina,

The NBA playoffs have begun, and Sportsland, Oregon presents A Belated NBA Playoff Preview Pod.  A few Game 1’s are in the books, so there’s a bit of an advantage in throwing out predictions after seeing how the series have started out.  Frankly, none of the weekend’s results have changed my opinion on how the series would end up.  Without further ado, here’s a preview of the Preview Pod.  How meta.  Or is it Metta?


Spurs – Jazz:  San Antonio rolled an over-achieving Utah squad in Game 1, and there’s no way they would lose to an 8 seed in back to back years.  Yes, the Spurs overachieved this year also, but in a less surprising way.  Spurs in 5.

Thunder – Mavs:  Dallas had a great chance to steal Game 1 against a young team without much playoff experience.  Then the Durantula stepped up.  Look for the Mavs to even the series after going home, but ultimately dropping their title defense in 6.

Lakers – Nuggs:  Speaking of overachievers, my surprise pick of the year got in as a 6 seed and had the unfortunate luck of running into the Andrew Bynum Wall 10 times.  The altitude will allow them to get one at home, but Denver doesn’t stand a chance in the long run.  Lakers in 5.

Grizzlies – Clips:  What I predicted to be the most compelling series of the first round proved true when the Clips needed a 28-3 run to close out the game and win by 1. This one will go the distance, unless this collapse psychologically ruins Memphis.  Grizz in 7.


Bulls – Sixers:  What could possibly go wrong with having your superstar albeit fragile MVP out in the last 2 minutes of a game that’s already been decided?  An ACL explosion, that’s what.  Bulls advance in 6, but their goal was a ring, and that’s not happening anymore.

Heat – Knicks:  What many expected to be a thrilling first round series featuring the two free agent superteams has the potential to become a clunker after the Game 1 rout the Miami laid down.  LBJ vs Melo will have to wait until Game 2 to Heat up (Rim Shot).  Heat in 5.

Pacers – Magic:  Orlando stole Game 1, but the overachievers from Indianapolis will prevail in the long run against a shorthanded Magic team, unless it’s a case of addition by subtraction for Dwight Howard.  Pacers in 6.

Celtics – Hawks:  I lied.  This is the only series where my opinion has changed after Game 1.  Rondo’s suspension after bumping a ref has doomed the C’s, who were experienced and peaking at a good time.  Now, the Hawks should be cruisin’ in the ATL.  Hawks in 6.

Check out an in depth discussion on the rest of the Playoffs on Sportsland, Oregon.

What's the Army got to do with it?

NO PITY CITY: Tonight the cast talks about Portland's scoring drama
April 10, 2012 / By Cliff Pfenning,
Maybe it is the players on the field, but the Timbers Army seems to be having quite an affect on games this season at Jeld-Wen Field.

In three games, the Portland Timbers have scored six goals, with all of them into the North goal - the net directy in front of the Timbers Army.

It's not a situation for coach John Spencer or other older players such as team captain Jack Jewsbury, who view it as a coincidence, but younger players such as Darlington Nagbe, who's scored twice in that direction, and Jean Andrew-Baptiste, who's scored once, have noticed it.

"Yes, some of us have noticed it," Nagbe said after the Timbers lost 2-1 to Chivas USA Saturday. "It seems like there's more energy going that way and that plays a role in the game."

The Army seems to have had an affect on opposing teams, too, as both goals Chivas USA scored were into the North net.

Of the 12 goals scored this season in three games at Jeld-Wen, nine have been to the North.

Portland's role on the field got an answer Monday as the Timbers brought in defender Brett Evans for a trial after back Lovel Palmer got outpaced for a pair of crosses that turned into assists Saturday.

The Army and Palmer will be key points of discussion tonight during the weekly episode of No Pity City, which begins live on at 8:30 p.m. from the Bulldog Tavern in Southwest Portland. The episode can be viewed on this page with viewers able to chat live with hosts Cliff Pfenning and Mike Donovan.

Live video from your Android device on Ustream

There's no pity if you're not creative begins its foray into soccer coverage with "No Pity City"
Feb. 7, 2012

As the media world continues to move forward technologically pretty much every day, it's bringing the wide world of television continually closer to the average person.

In the past, one needed a bundle of cameras, operators, video editing bays and people to produce all the material in front of and behind those cameras.

It's a helluva task to produce a television show, especially a live show.

And, that's what we're delving into at, live television. It's not television, because there's no station call letters or the FCC involved, but it's the worldwide web version of TV, we're using Ustream.

Thursday, the staff will produce its pilot episode of "No Pity City," which will focus on soccer in Portland, especially the Timbers, their players, coaches, games and fans.

The premiere episode is set for live viewing at 8:30 p.m. Thursday, with filming taking place at the Bulldog Tavern in Southwest Portland.

Viewers can follow the show and contribute through the chat room that will be active during the show. Publisher Cliff Pfenning and Timbers beat writer Mike Donovan will serve as co-hosts of the show, which is being presented by the Bulldog Tavern and the Vanport Batting Cages.

Viewers can watch the live show from this page.

Live video from your Android device on Ustream

It's NBA Preview Time so let's head to South Beach

SPORTSLAND 83 delves into the prospects of who can beat the Miami Heat

The NBA season finally arrives, better late than never, and the Sportsland, Oregon gang have it covered.

From top to bottom.

Lostradamus and company make all of their predictions, starting off with the playoff picture for both the Eastern and Western Conferences.

Which teams will all those player moves, some of them from earlier in the day, affect most and why.

Can anyone beat Miami this year? The Sportsland Crew makes its call.

Is LeBron going to blow out the league and be MVP this season? Kobe still got enough game to lead the Lakers to the Finals? Chris Paul going to shove his skills into the face of the Lakers and Commissioner David Stern for not letting the Lakers trade for him?

Dirk tough enough to lead the Mavs to back-to-back titles? Celtics anyone. What about the Knicks? They haven't been an entertaining team in a decade or more.

All-NBA? Got it.

Rookie of the Year? Got it.

Sixth Man of the Year? Got it.

Coach of the  Year? Got it.

Even Most Improved Player of the Year.

Where do the Blazers fall? Are any of them worthy of awards?

The Sportsland crew decides.

All that, plus the usual segments, including What We Wanna Watch and What Plucks My Duck..It's all recorded at Blitz Pearl in Northwest Portland.


Oregon makes a run for some money

SPORTSLAND 79 chats up the Ducks, the crazy BCS, PSU football, even college soccer

It's the week after the Civil War and before the inaugural Pac-12 Conference Championship game, and the Ducks look to march into Bowl season as conference champions. After trouncing the Beavers for the 4th straight year in the 115th Civil War, Oregon looks ahead at UCLA and Los and the crew discuss their chances.

They then discuss what looks to be the inevitable BCS Championship game between Alabama and LSU before moving to the coaching carousel not only in the Pac-12 but around the country.

After the good college football talk, it's time to celebrate the (possible) end of the NBA lockout, and the Timbers' first re-signings of the offseason. All that, plus the usual segments.'s round-table crew is Sportsland

Every Monday night, the cast of Sportland, Oregon gets together at Blitz Sports Bar in the Pearl (Blitz Pearl) to chat about the events of the day and upcoming week.

Host Carlos "Los" Molina, Mike "Stats" Donovan, Derek "Homer" Weber and publisher Cliff "Danger" Pfenning review the sports world, especially local topics like the Blazers, Ducks, Beavers, Timbers, even amateur events that pop up. It's all captured on a podcast and uploaded to weekly.

So join the crowd, or even visit the cast and get a guest spot on the show, Monday nights at 9 p.m.

On this week's episode, Los, Mike, and Cliff break down the previous week's Timbers action, including their blowout victory over the LA Galaxy, MLS's best team. Then they move from futbol to football and the opening of college football training camps this week. They also recap the Oregon Football Association vs. The Buried Life charity flag football game over the weekend. Finally, they wrap up with a Roofball announcement, and look ahead to the RFA Cup on August 14th. All that, plus the usual segments, including 'What Plucks My Duck' and 'We Wanna Watch.'

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