Snowboarders dazzle judges as season closes

Halfpipe numbers increase for state finals
By Kevin Mealy,

Boys and girls snowboarders closed out the state meet in the halfpipe at the Oregon Interscholastic Snowboard Association (OISA) Saturday.

  The 11th state championships brought more than 200 prep athletes from nearly 30 schools across Oregon to Mount Hood Meadows Ski Resort for three days of competition beginning on Thursday.

  "The girls did awesome. The guy are throwing down great runs," OISA President Chip Treadwell said. "I think most of the kids had a great time."

  Friday's boy's slopestyle winner Kenny Srofe put on a show for the judges in the halfpipe, putting together back-to-back spins and hoping for his second win of the contest.

  "This pipe's fun, it's nice and fast today," Srofe said following his second run.

  Ryan Jacobsen, head coach of Wilson High School was impressed. "The boys are looking really strong, they've got their tricks down," he said.

  Nathan Langer, head coach of Sandy High School had reason to be optimistic standing at the top of the hill.

  "Our girls took our team slopestyle, our guys took the team slopestyle, the girls took team halfpipe and we've got first and second for halfpipe so far for girls." Langer's team is composed mostly of sophomores and juniors, including sophomore, and girl's slopestyle winner, Sarah Gall.

  "I was just really nervous my second round because my first round I fell, so I had to get my second round otherwise I would have nothing," Gall said. Gall left with the victory in slopestyle Friday and contributed to her team's halfpipe victory Saturday.

  Treadwell felt the weekend was a success, paraphrasing the OISA's mission statement, Treadwell said, "We want to develop high school snowboarders through coaching excellence, individual excellence through team development, and competitive events. If we can do that then we'll have accomplished something."


Southern league results?

Let's talk about St Mary's.... Jonny Williamson 1st in IBS and Halfpipe, Lauren Angel first in IBS and 5th in slope style, Teddy Schein 3rd in IBS, and the first place IBS team award as well! C'mon Chip.....