The NBA Academy

The news broke earlier today, March 5, that the NBA is looking into creating its own minor league. They won't call it that but that's what we're talking about. Sure they have the G League, but this will be different. This is where one and done's can go. 

But, the big news here is that the NBA, if this happens, will now be talking to high schoolers.

Yes, if the NBA creates academies these players will be in the NBA, making money and gaining experience, strength and maturity. Sounds good to me.

For now it seems that the NBA will not go down this road quickly. They may look to intertwine themselves with high schools through camps and workouts. Bringing in "experts" to help these young men learn what it's like to be a professional athlete both on and off the court.

I'm all for it. I think this would reduce the number of flameouts in the NBA, and help the college teams regain some stability knowing that the players they just recruited will more likely stay around campus.