Five reasons to watch the Winter Olympics

If you're like me the summer edition of the Olympics carries a bit more interest than the winter version. But, there are still some great stories and amazing athletes to watch.

5. Curling – What was it, 1 or 2 Olympics ago, curling became the world’s favorite pastime - for a few days anyway. Will this continue this year or will another sport take it’s place like … OK nothing is that quirky. Curling it is.

4. Snowboarding – Welcome to the “X Games more people watch.” In all seriousness, snowboarders are pretty much the cool kids at the games, and unlike other sports each time we watch them we see something new and impressive.

3. Hockey – Who will win this year? Ok, it shouldn’t be a surprise right? Sweden on the men’s side, and Canada on the women’s side. But Russia, Canada and even the U.S. have a shot at the men’s gold even though Russia hasn’t ever won a gold in this event … who knew? For the women only Canada and the U.S. have played for a gold - how big of an upset would it be if anyone outside of those two made the gold medal game, let alone wins it?

2. Crazy People – The luge, skeleton and bobsled. You folks are crazy, I hope you don’t crash, but when you do I understand people who watch NASCAR for the crashes.

1. Local connections – Cheer on your fellow Oregonians!

Tommy Ford – Alpine skiing

Laurenne Ross – Alpine skiing

Jacqueline Wiles – Alpine skiing

Sam Michener – Bobsled

Ben Ferguson – Snowboarding

Asa Miller – Alpine skiing