Helfrich had a banner season, almost

Well, Mark Helfrich is no Urban Meyer. At least not yet.

Pretty darn close, though.

Helfrich got his version of the Oregon Ducks to the first college footb

all national title in just two years, taking over a program that had gotten to the previous version of the national championship in the second season under Chip Kelly. Unlike Kelly, though, Helfrich doesn't seem like the type of coach who will use the college game as a steppingstone to the National Football League.

And, there's not really any place to go in college football that's going to be more higher-profile that Oregon. So, for the foreseable future, it looks as though Oregon fans have their coach, and he's only going to get better ... at game management, program management, recruiting.

Recruiting gets its first major test with replacing Marcus Mariota - even though he hasn't officially announced he's leaving for the NFL.

With Braxton Miller, the Ohio State quarterback who has one season remaining and could transfer?

Miller will be a Heisman Trophy-level quarterback when he arrives, and Oregon is a school that expects that level of player at that position. The Ducks have two quarterbacks who were redshirting this past season, and sophomore Jeff Lockie as Mariota's back-up. Bringing in a transfer might be seen as unfortunate for those guys who are already in the system, but that's the level the Ducks are at now - national title contenders every year. The player who takes the snaps needs to be at that level, and if Miller does transfer in, the way to get snaps for the players currently in the system is to simply be better than he is.

Or wait for him to get injured. Ohio State had three quarterbacks capable of taking the team to the title game and winning. If Miller transfers in, that would give the Ducks at least one player at that level. The other quarterbacks would only benefit from that kind of competition in practice, and they've all got at least one more season of eleigibility left after 2015.

In Eugene, in might start to be rare - and hopefully it is this way - that a freshman gets to start at quarterback because the level of play ahead of him is at such a high level.

Off we go into Helfrich's third off-season, one of many more to come.