A great day for Oregon, almost

As the clock wound down on Oregon's 59-20 thrashing of Florida State on Thursday, many of the FSU players were taken to task a bit for not crossing the field to shake hands with their fellow college athletes, regardless of the outcome. Then, shortly thereafter, Oregon players surfaced on the internet for having taunted FSU quarterback Jamies Winston, which attracted immediate attention.

In the Dirty Laundry-crazed world, it's extremely unfortunate that the internet video of something that had no bearing on the game ends up being one of the headline moments for most of the media. On numerous information sites such as Yahoo.com, the Oregon players' post-game chants of "no means no" got a headline higher up on the page than Oregon's on-field win.

It is the world we live in.

As troubling as that is, though, it's not nearly as troubling as the FSU reaction during the game to Oregon's offense. It wasn't hard to see the Seminoles basically stop trying once the score got away from them. Oregon's only struggle with scoring was converting a center snap in shotgun formation in the fourth quarter.

That's something that has to give every school recruiting against FSU a big edge for several years to come.

Florida State reaching the College Football Playoffs might have been the worst thing that could have happened to the program because is showcased how the program handles adversity at the championship level. Sure, the team responded to deficits all season long, but when the deficit became too great, they just gave up.

Oregon's program showed itself off, too. After the Ducks lost to Arizona, they basically blew out the rest of the schedule with the final two games - the Pac-12 title game and Thursday's Rose Bowl, as huge recruiting statements. And, some of the handling that success is learned following games through the internet.