Terry Stotts is as good a good fit for Portland

The Portland Trail Blazers finally answered the question about their head coach by naming Terry Stotts to the position Tuesday afternoon.

After months of uncertainty, the team has a leader with experience in the position.

Stotts gets credit for helping develop the offense the Dallas Mavericks used to win the 2011 NBA Championship.

Of course, that offense had Dirk Nowitzki at its center, Jason Terry dashing down the lane and Jason Kidd handling the ball. Don't forget the energetic, involved owner, Mark Cuban, and years of previous near-misses as a playoff team.

In Portland, Stotts takes over a franchise basically re-starting its drive to become a playoff team, which chose him as coach over ... Caleb Kanales, who is regularly noted for having started with the team as a video coordinator.

Stotts inherits a team with an All-Star in LaMarcus Aldridge, but is mostly waiting to be developed or recogonized for their consistency such as Nicolas Batum. Only Aldridge has as many as six years of experience in the league among the current roster.

Portland's has - plenty of potential - had to be a key in Stotts wanting to move to the Rose City, something that plenty of other possible coaches apparently weren't hyped about, even without the stress of needing to win right away. Stotts can grow with the team, as Portland's fans learn to love the roster of young guns.

So, it's "Rise With Us!" again. From the coach to rookies to international standouts.