Lostradamus' All-NBA Ballot

Last week, Sportsland, Oregon did an NBA playoff preview, covering first round series, awards, and All-NBA teams.  Then, Mike ‘Stats’ Donovan came on for a second episode to go deeper into All-NBA teams. 

Here are the All-NBA teams, as I would vote for them:

1st Team

F:            LeBron James

F:            Kevin Durant

C:           Dwight Howard

G:           Kobe Bryant

G:           Chris Paul


2nd Team

F:            Kevin Love

F:            Dirk Nowitzki

C:           Andrew Bynum

G:           Tony Parker

G:           Dwyane Wade


3rd Team

F:            Pau Gasol

F:            Carmelo Anthony

C:           Marc Gasol

G:           Steve Nash

G:           Russell Westbrook


This week, the playoff analysis continues, along with some Timbers, Derby, and Boxing talk from a great weekend of sports.  Check out Sportsland, Oregon here on oregonsports.com, recorded every Monday at 9 p.m. at Blitz in Portland's Pearl District.