Prep seasons start to come into focus - almost

Statewide plans for winter are drastically in need of government guidance
By Cliff Pfenning,

In following the virtual conversations among high school coaches and administrators from various sports this fall, there's one thing made very clear - everyone across the state wants to play, whatever the challenges. They all just want to play, get back to action, back to some form of the normal that was just nine months ago.

But, there's a key issue that is hampering that for all the sports - guidance from the state that continues to hammer on the facts that gatherings and virtually any kind of physical contact will cause the potential for spreading the COVID-19 virus and therefore are not allowed.

Some of the prospects are an awakeing to the fear of spreading the virus that has engulfed the nation, and in particular Gov. Kate Brown: virtual swim meets, wrestlers wearing masks and mats being sterilized between every round, basketball players wearing masks and the ball being sterilied during every timeout.

Reaction to these ideas in OSAA committee meetings has been tempered at best, but overall unified: whatever it is, schools, leagues, teams are willing to do them. They just don't have any guidance from the state, and in the case of basketball and wrestling - sports set to open up again in January, whether they'll actually be allowed to start.

Wednesday, the day after the 2020 Election, is a key day for OSAA committees as many are set to convene virtually that evening.