What's pitching got to do with it?

The LA Dodgers might have the best starters in baseball, but not relievers
Oct. 6, 2014
AP photo.

The Oregon Ducks took a beating in Thursday's game with Arizona - although not really on the scoreboard, but that was Thursday. The Major League Baseball playoffs are in full swing, and that's the key subject of Sportland, Oregon's Episode 19, recorded at Blitz Pearl in Northwest Portland.

Host Cliff Pfenning and Derek Weber talk about the troubles starting pitchers have when they don't have stellar relievers behind them - that apparently is the problem with the Los Angeles Dodgers, who moved with a game of having their season end to the hands of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Then, it's analysis of the Ducks and their offense, defense, celebrations, and the wild season college football is having. Oregon still might have a chance to move back into the top four, but a lot of teams are going to need to lose once, or even twice ahead of them for that to happen. And the Ducks have to get back to their dominating ways starting with Saturday's game with UCLA at the Rose Bowl.

The Beavers, Timbers and even Blazers get air time on this episode.