Oregon alums have plenty stirring NFL tales to tell

The best Ducks coming out of Eugene have Hall of Fame on them
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With Justin Herbert a round one pick this year and Penei Sewell tipped to feature near the top of the 2021 draft, we thought it would be a good time to take a look at the biggest names to have come out of the University of Oregon in the past. 

Football only, of course. Here goes our top five. 

5. Bobby Moore

Moore was a wide receiver in his High School days before changing to a running back in his Eugene. It proved a good switch as in 1972 he became the fourth overall pick to join the St. Louis Cardinals. It wasn’t until he joined the Minnesota Vikings in 1976 that his career came to life though. 

He managed 5,489 receiving yards with the Vikings, and boasted a total NFL haul of 44 touchdowns. The history books will look back kindly too as he made four Pro Bowls and was named in the top 50 Vikings of all time.

4. Dave Wilcox

Wilcox might not have stolen headlines like the next few names on our list, but he still deserves his place here. He joined the San Francisco 49ers after being picked up as the number 29 selection in the 1964 draft. 

His defensive qualities quickly came to the fore. In 1966 he made his first Pro Bowl and by the time he called it a day some seven years later, he’d made a further six. Wilcox was a man mountain of a defender and his presence in the 49ers side was a huge part of their strong performances in the late sixties and early seventies.

3. Norm Van Brocklin

Had the Super Bowl existed in his era Van Brocklin would probably have won it, at least once. He did win the NFL Championship with both teams he represented - the Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles. 

He was a round four pick, but excelled himself with his performances making nine Pro Bowl appearances, leading the league once in passing yards and being named league MVP in his final season before retirement, 1960, which coincided with the Eagles winning the Championship. 

On top of that, even to this day, Van Brocklin holds the record for the most passing yards in a game, which was a whopping 554. 

2. Dan Fouts 

Quarterback Fouts was taken by the San Diego Chargers in round three of the 1973 draft, and it’s fair they made a smart call after his 15 season with the club. Fouts contributed from his rookie season, but it was several years later when he really upped his game. 

In 1979, he broke the 4,000 passing yards mark for the first time as he led the league, then repeated that theme for the next four years,  earning Offensive Player of the Year in 1982.

The first three years of that run saw him post north of 4,000 yards each time; prior to that, no quarterback had even managed the feat in two consecutive campaigns. He managed six Pro Bowl games, but a Super Bowl appearance proved elusive.

1. Mel Renfro

Topping our list of the best Ducks ever is cornerback convert Mel Renfro. Like Wilcox, Renfro was drafted in 1964 as he penned a deal with the Dallas Cowboys at the number 17 pick. The selection nearly didn’t happen due to question marks over his fitness, but once on the grass, Renfro wasted little time creating a reputation for himself. 

He had All-Pro and Pro Bowl honors in his rookie season. It was a high bar to set, but his consistency across his career meant he maintained those levels. His first decade in the NFL saw him make 10 consecutive Pro Bowls whilst seven All-Pro nods isn’t too shoddy! To cap it all off, Renfro also helped the Cowboys to two Super Bowl wins.

There you have it, the five biggest names to come out of the University of Oregon. Do you know more names that should be added to the list? Click here to take this College Football Trivia test and surprise yourself with your knowledge!





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