These Beavers can become Giants for Oregon

If you believe in miracles, then you might believe this is a year of destiny for the Oregon State football team, starting with a shot at becoming “Giant Killers II.”

The Beavers open their 2010 schedule Saturday against No. 6 Texas Christian, play host to Louisville two weeks later, then travel to No. 3 Boise State the following week.

In the span of 21 days, the Beavers will play the No. 3 and No. 6 teams in the nation on the road, not exactly Giant Killers, but close enough to merit a comparison. And, as it’s the beginning of the season, it’s a chance to brand the team for a run at the Rose Bowl – which the team has been just a win away from the past two seasons.

In 1965, the Beavers beat No. 2 Purdue, No. 2 UCLA and No. 1 USC in the span of 21 days, which has forever labeled the team “Giant Killers,” even though they didn’t reach the Rose Bowl.

There’s a lot of the nation that wants OSU to go 3-0, too, and put some reality back into TCU and BSU, who play relatively weak conference schedules.

TCU plays in the Mountain West, while BSU plays in the Western Athletic Conference, conferences they can dominate and end the season with unbeaten records if they can just win their non-conference games. Recently, they have.

Boise State even beat Oregon last year in that infamous game that started the Ducks’ run to the Rose Bowl.

OSU can earn some revenge for the Beaver State with a win in Boise.

Playing those highly-ranked teams, and with a new quarterback, virtually no one outside Corvallis thinks the Beavers can go 3-0, which is where the ’67 team was heading into their 21-day stretch.

“Giant Killers II.” It’s the 2010 team’s team to forever earn that nickname.


Beavs forever

Jacq is going to go nuts against Louisville and nuts enough against TCU/BSU to make September a month to remember forever.