A Fantastic Fantasy Draft

In honor of the NBA Draft, the oregonsports.com crew decided to conduct our own version of a fantasy draft on the Sportsland, Oregon podcast earlier in the week.  Instead of basketball players, we drafted sexy celebs to create the perfect cast for our ideal fantasy movie.  The only requirements were that we have one TV Actress, one Movie Actress, one Supermodel, one singer, and one athlete on the roster.  We also threw in a Wild Card spot for any celebrity that didn't fit one of these descriptions, and one Cougar Coach spot for an aging star to guide her squad to victory.  Now it's up to you the reader to decide which of these teams is the hottest.  Cast your vote for your favorite team, and be sure to check out the podcast either on iTunes or under the Shows tab here at oregonsports.com for the complete live draft, and the backstory to this amazing draft-day tradition.  Now for the Final Rosters:



TV:  Christina Hendricks

Movie: Scarlett Johansson

Model: Brooklyn Decker

Singer: Katy Perry

Athlete: Anna Kournikova

Wild Card: Erin Andrews

Cougar: Stacey Dash



TV: Yvonne Strahovski

Movie: Megan Fox

Model: Ana Beatriz Barros

Singer: Cheryl Cole

Athlete: Allison Stokke

Wild Card: Jenn Sterger

Cougar: Jennifer Love Hewitt*



TV: Sophia Vergara

Movie: Amy Adams

Model: Carolina Ardohain

Singer: Rihanna

Athlete: Sanne Keizer

Wild Card: Petra Ecclestone

Cougar: Dyanna Lauren



TV: Cote de Pablo

Movie: Aishwarya Rai

Model: Kate Upton

Singer: Beyonce

Athlete: Michelle Wie

Wild Card: Nicole Briscoe

Cougar: Angie Everhart


Round by Round Results

Round 1:              1) Brooklyn Decker, 2) Yvonne Strahovski, 3) Sophia Vergara, 4) Beyonce

Round 2:              5) Katy Perry, 6) Megan Fox, 7) Carolina Ardohain, 8) Michelle Wie

Round 3:              9) Scarlett Johansson, 10) Cheryl Cole, 11) Amy Adams, 12) Kate Upton

Round 4:              13) Christina Hendricks, 14) Allison Stokke, 15) Sanne Keizer, 16) Angie Everhart

Round 5:              17) Anna Kournikova, 18) Ana Beatriz Barros, 19) Rihanna, 20) Nicole Briscoe

Round 6:              21) Erin Andrews, 22) Jenn Sterger, 23) Petra Ecclestone, 24) Cote de Pablo

Round 7:              25) Stacey Dash, 26) Jennifer Love Hewitt,* 27) Dyanna Lauren, 28) Aishwarya Rai


* - We know she's not a Cougar, but Derek had no one over 40 on his auto draft board, so we took the oldest available.