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What's pitching got to do with it?

The LA Dodgers might have the best starters in baseball, but not relievers
Oct. 6, 2014

The Oregon Ducks took a beating in Thursday's game with Arizona - although not really on the scoreboard, but that was Thursday. The Major League Baseball playoffs are in full swing, and that's the key subject of Sportland, Oregon's Episode 19, recorded at Blitz Pearl in Northwest Portland.

Host Cliff Pfenning and Derek Weber talk about the troubles starting pitchers have when they don't have stellar relievers behind them - that apparently is the problem with the Los Angeles Dodgers, who moved with a game of having their season end to the hands of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Then, it's analysis of the Ducks and their offense, defense, celebrations, and the wild season college football is having. Oregon still might have a chance to move back into the top four, but a lot of teams are going to need to lose once, or even twice ahead of them for that to happen. And the Ducks have to get back to their dominating ways starting with Saturday's game with UCLA at the Rose Bowl.

The Beavers, Timbers and even Blazers get air time on this episode.



Road to Alpenrose heads for Gold Hill

District winners meet to crown a state champion for West Regional
July 1, 2012 / By Cliff Pfenning,

The skies opened up with a burst of sunshine Sunday afternoon and provided a perfect setting for the girls of Northeast Portland to book themselves a trip to Medford.

With their third 10-run win in a week, the all-stars from the combined Little Leagues of Hollywood, Rose City and Lakeside won the District 1 Tournament and will play in the state tournament beginning Friday in Gold Hill, located just outside Medford, with a spot in the Western Region tournament going to the winner.

Most of the girls headed for Gold Hill weren't certain where the World Series that awaits the West Region champion was set to be played, which might actually be part of the game plan for coaches who want their young players to stay focused on the task at hand.

"It feels great to be going to the state tournament, because I'm with my friends," said Mollie Hamelund, the star pitcher for the HRL team. "We haven't talked much about (the World Series). We're really focused on the state tournament and the next game."

Teams from the state's nine districts will compete in pool play and then a single-elimination bracket. The tournament had been slated to be played in Brookings, but was moved to Gold Hill on Monday.

The all-stars from South Salem/Sprague won the state event last year.

HRL won its three District 1 games by scores of 11-1, 11-1 and 16-3 with all of the contests ending in either the fourth or fifth inning due to the 10-run rule. Most of the players were together two years ago when they won the 9/10 tournament and advanced to the state tournament. This year's team, with a couple years of physical maturity and the addition of key players, is poised to bring the state title home to a district that is far more well-known for its baseball talent.

"It's still exciting to think about what we just did in our games in this tournament," assistant coach Craig Hamelund, Mollie's father, said. "Now we're wrapping out heads around the fact we're going to be driving seven hours to play more softball."

"Our teamwork is the strength of our team," third baseman Grace Dooney said. "That's what's going to carry us to the state tournament title."

West Salem has also advanced to Brookings having won the District 7 title. The teams from Centennial and Portland Powell play Monday for the District 2 title.

Oregon's champion will play as part of the 10-team West Regional tournament and within a five-team pool that includes Washington, Idaho, Hawaii and Arizona

District 4, which includes leagues from Southwest Portland and Beaverton to Tillamook, competes in a separate tournament in June to crown a champion that plays as the host team for the World Series that runs August 9 through the 15th at Alpenrose.

Reaching Alpenrose seemed out of mind for the all-stars from the HRL team, what with playing one game at a time and competition from phones, Facebook and summer chatter.

"I've had to tell some of the girls there is a World Series that we can play in," said Sheena Mendoza, one of the additions to this year's squad. "But, where it is? I have no idea."

"We go to Alpenrose every year, so they know there's a big tournament there ... they just might not know it as the World Series," manager Christe White said. "If you call it 'the championship,' then maybe it might register.

"And, you have to remember, they're 11 and 12 and they don't pay attention on some of those things so much."




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