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Oregon opens rebuilt Hayward to its teams

The recently finished track and field stadium gets athletes touch
Staff Report

Hayward Field is finally going to get its stamp of approval from the athletes set to use it most.

The track and field and cross country teams were scheduled to visit the stadium's insides Friday - the first time the athletes would be allowed to see the spaces they'll use during training and competition. The stadium, which was razed and completely rebuilt, has been off limits other than the track and outer concourse until today.

Some athletes had been training at the stadium since late summer, but the cardio and strength equipment they used had been moved to the concourse so that the unveiling would be held when all the team's athletes were back on campus.

Oregon had expected to have athletes use the stadium in spring, but the COVID-19 outbreak changed those plans.

Hayward Field had been set to hold the Olympic Trials in summer, but the outbreak moved the 2020 Olympics to 2021. Hayward Field is still set to host the Olynmpic Trials.

Seating, which had been roughly 8,500 prior to the construction, seats 12,650 spectators, but can be expanded to more than 25,000.

Oregon has not released a schedule for cross country or track and field.


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