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Let's send New England back!

Mon, 01/22/2018 - 7:19pm
Cliff Pfenning
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It's not hard to review the AFC Championship game from Sunday and think how much a split second impacted the Super Bowl. A delay of game penalty called on Jacksonville late in the first half wiped out a first down, and New England turned events in their favor to score a touchdown and avoid what was becoming a marquee performance by a team that can't even fill it's own stadium for home games.

And, so we get another Super Bowl with Tom Brady - the world's most hated future Hall of Famer - unless, of course, there's all those conversations about the ethics of cheating.

New England - again.

As we go through the day-after moaning about having to watch him/them again in the big game, maybe there's a way to get back at him/them by just getting rid of New England altogether from the NFL. That's right - banish New England. Not, the Patriots, just New England.

Make the Patriots go back to Boston.

As a way to get fans from hating the NFL, the league should require teams to represent their home city, not an entire region, which would affect only a handful of teams. That means the Patriots would go back to being the Boston Patriots - their original AFL name, Carolina would be the Charlotte Panthers, and we'd become used to the Nashville Titans.



It's a Northwest thing

Portland struggles in its first week - but so does the rest of the division
Nov. 3, 2014

A 1-2 start might be cause for a bit of concern for Portland Trail Blazers fans, especially when it includes a loss to the Sacramento Kings. But, the Blazers still find themselves atop the Northwest Division, which has the worst record in the NBA through its first week of play.

The Blazers and Oregon football program are the key topics for this week's episode of Sportsland, Oregon, recorded Monday nights at Blitz Pearl in Northwest Portland.

Co-hosts Cliff Pfenning and Derek Weber talk up the NBA, as well as the Pac-12's ability to beat the Ducks, who are back to their level of play from past seasons. Those seasons, though, included significant losses that throttled the team's ability to play for the national championship. Fortunately, there's a four-team playoff this year, and Oregon seems like a shoe-in to be one of those teams.

The Oregon State Beavers, World Series, state cross country meet, and University of Portland women's soccer program all come up in this week's episode.


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