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Oregon vs. K-State, that's a match-up for TV

Alabama and Notre Dame would just make the BCS Title Game boring
Oct. 27, 2012 / By Cliff Pfenning, oregonsports.com

The University of Alabama football team has consistently gotten all the votes for No. 1 in the Associated Press poll and is No. 1 in the BCS Rankings, but that's almost completely because of the team's defense, and that it plays in the Southeastern Conference.

If you've been able to watch the Crimson Tide play via the massive amounts of television coverage available any day of the week, you might come to a cynical conclusion - they're boring.

Yes, defense wins games, but it's also boring to watch a slow-moving, 34-10 victory, or something like that - that's what begins to take hold of Oregon fans after dismantling team after team after team with an offense that can draw criticism for not scoring in less than two minutes on a drive - no matter where it starts.

Sure, the Ducks haven't played the heart of their schedule, but they've run away from all eight of their opponents from the opening kickoff other than the first half against Washington State, which they thumped in the third quarter.

Oregon rolled up six scores against their last two opponents in less than 20 minutes each. Ouch.

Kansas State has rolled through its schedule, too, averaging a 44-17 win through eight consecutive wins. Saturday, the Wildcast blew out Texas Tech, 55-24, outscoring the Red Raiders 42-14 in the second half.

Alabama? The Tide rolled past No 13 Mississippi State 38-7 by scoring on their first three possessions, then going into the fourth quarter ahead only 24-0. On the West Coast, scoring only 24 points in three quarters isn't raising anyone's pulse. But, Alabama at least scores regularly.

Notre Dame? Fighting Irish showed off their America's luckiest team again by surviving an sub-par effort from Oklahoma to secure a 30-13 win that wasn't nearly the victory the score showed. Notre Dame is a solid team, but shows off what might be the nation's lamest play-calling on a weekly basis and wins narrowly.

ND beat Stanford on its home turf in overtime when the Cardinal couldn't drum up a play call other than run to the right on three straight plays from the 1.

ND beat BYU on its home turf, narrowly, after Oregon State won impressively with its back-up quarterback at BYU the week before.

Saturday's game was only the third time the Irish had scored more than 20 points in a game.


OSU makes another move - to No. 7

Oregon gets passed over by Kansas State in latest BCS Rankings
Oct. 21, 2012 / By Cliff Pfenning, oregonsports.com

Oregon State took another step toward the BCS National Championship game Sunday by moving up to No. 7 in the rankings that ultimately decide which two teams play in the final game.

Oregon State?

With a home win over Utah moving the team up one more spot, and plenty of season left, there's at least a pathway the team and its fans can take to reach that final game with the right losses by teams ahead of it.

And, currently, there's only six teams ahead of OSU, and they play one of them - Oregon - in four weeks.

Two of the teams ahead of them - Alabana and Florida - would play each other in the SEC championship game if they remain unbeaten, leaving LSU on the outside of that game with no real logic on its side to play in the big game.

Notre Dame has played just well enough to look like a team ready to lose real soon, leaving just Kansas State as the outside threat to the Beavers' run. IF OSU wins out, it would have at least an argument to play in the title game against the SEC winner, unless Kansas State wins out.

The Wildcats don't have a conference title game in the Big 12 and play their primary threat to being unbeaten in Texas Tech on Saturday.

That's the Beavers

Oregon might face the same threat in Kansas State despite being ranked No. 2 in every human poll. In the BCS computer rankings, they're No. 4 behind Alabana, Florida and Kansas State, primarily because of the weakness of its schedule - which originally included Kansas State before the Wildcats got out of that game.

The Ducks still have plenty of opportunity to make the computer happy in the coming month with a Nov. 3 game at USC and then the Civil War against an Oregon State team that might very well be unbeaten and in the Top 5 by then.

What a game the Civil War might be this year. Two unbeaten teams.

BCS RANKINGS (Oct. 21, 2012)

No. 1   Alabama

No. 2   Florida

No. 3   Kansas State

No. 4   Oregon

No. 5   Notre Dame

No. 6   LSU

No. 7   Oregon State

No. 8   Oklahoma

No. 9   USC

No. 10 Georgia


No. 17 Stanford

Oregon primed for Devils on Thursday night

Second-ranked Oregon ready to show off what's wrong with the BCS Poll
Oct. 16, 2012

The Oregon football team gets a chance to turn its infrequent flier miles to frequent flier miles Thursday with a Pac-12 Conference game at Arizona State.

The Ducks have played five otheir six games - all wins, at home with just a road win at Arizona having been on the schedule.

Thursday, they play an ASU squad that's 5-1 overall, 3-0, and on the cusp of being ranked.

While the Sun Devils may appear a threat to the Ducks on paper, Oregon has rolled through its opponents this season, getting a mild scare only from Washington State, which it led just 23-19 at halftime. Oregon eventually won 51-26.

Thursday's game will be televised by ESPN.

Following Thursday's game, the Ducks have nine days off before a home game against Colorado, which preceeds a road trip to No. 6 USC that most of the nation views as a preview of the Pac-12 title game and biggest hurdle the team has to a spot in the national championship game.


Is there a limit to Thomas Tyner?

Wed, 10/10/2012 - 5:29pm
Cliff Pfenning
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After a 10-TD performance, and another two scores and 254 yards, Thomas Tyner has the community at Aloha High School looking directly at a second Class 6A state title in three years, something that would still be stunning for a school stuck at the bottom of the Metro League for decades.

The energy starts with Tyner, a senior running back already headed for the University of Oregon. Two weeks ago, Tyner ran for 10 touchdowns in an 84-63 win over Lakeridge. Then, Tyner's two scores and the team's solid defense beat Sunset 13-8 to improve the Apollos to 4-0 overall.

While Tyner's season has dazzled the state and prep fans across the Northwest, there's one number that's got a bit of intruigue in it - 42 - as in times Tyner carried the ball Friday night.

At 42 carries, that's more than 10 per quarter, which is something very few college and no professional coaches would dole out to a running back.

After reading about those 42 carries, it's again intruiguing to wonder if the University of Oregon got in touch with Aloha coach Chris Casey and asked if they had another back who could use some extra work to showcase their skills to the college world?

The U of O, as we know, is all about making things happen in the football world, and that requires healthy players. If Tyner gets the ball 42 times a game and gets worn out before he even gets to Eugene, how's he going to wind up on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

Tyner's 10 TDs, those UO reps could be casually pointing out, were against a defense that gave up 49 points the previous week and 59 points in its next game. Was Tyner the lone player in the Aloha backfield who could've scored more than a couple touchdowns?

And 42 carries. Westview, Aloha's opponent Friday, has given up four or five touchdowns in three of its four games this season.Even if the game is tight like the Sunset game, those same reps could be pointing out a team doesn't win any playoff games in September.

There's likely to be plenty of attention focused on Tyner for the rest of the season, but one misstep and his season, and maybe career, goes onto physical therapy.Forty-two carries is likely to be his career high, and I'd wager a few bacon cheeseburgers at any local restaurant he doesn't get 30 carries in any game - even against Jesuit - until, perhaps, the state final. That's when you know he's gotten the attention of the Ducks, not so much for what he's done on the playing field, but for what the Ducks don't want him doing anymore - getting hurt.




Ducks do the expected - keep focus on Nov. 3

Oregon pounds Washington 52-21 in once-great rivalry game
Oct. 6, 2012

The expected happened Saturday as the second-ranked Ducks beat No. 23 Washington 52-21 in a Pac-12 college football game at Autzen Stadium.

Marcus Mariota threw for 198 yards and four touchdowns as the Ducks (6-0, 3-0) won their ninth-straight game since losing to USC last year, and ninth straight in their series with the Huskies (3-2, 1-1), who were coming off an upset of No. 8 Stanford, which had beaten USC earlier in the season.

Colt Lyerla caught two of the touchdown passes and Kenjon Barner ran for 122 yards for Oregon.

The Ducks play at USC on Nov. 3, a game that will likely be a preview of the Pac-12 title game.

Oregon State continued its drive to be a factor in the Pac-12 title game with a 19-6 win over Washington State, keeping the Beavers unbeaten.



And The Year Goes On

Mon, 04/16/2012 - 6:19pm
Carlos Molina
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It’s a weird time of the sports year in Portland.  The Blazers have five games left and nothing really to play for, so much so it looks like they’re shutting down some key guys.  The Beavers and Ducks just opened up spring practice, but there’s nothing really to follow there.  Sure the diehards want to see how some of the new signees that manage to get there early do, or who’s going to fill in at any positions vacated by guys leaving for the draft or graduating.  In reality, there are no scores, and there’s no news to really follow, and so much can and will change between now and when the season opens that people really only follow it to have something to follow. 

College baseball is underway, and the WHL playoffs are underway, but the fanbases for these are much more limited.  And then of course there are the Timbers, but they don’t have the built in excitement of an inaugural season to carry the interest of the casual fan.  Couple that with their struggles this year, and even the excitement of early season soccer and the Army’s antics aren’t enough to maintain interest or make it enjoyable to be a Portland sports fan.

But never fear, the Sportsland, Oregon crew can find sports stories from across the country to make things interesting.  From the NBA playoff picture developing, to the NHL playoffs providing their usual excitement and even more fights than ever, there’s plenty to follow in the world of sports.  And of course, don’t forget early season baseball.  All that and more on this week’s episode of Sportsland, Oregon.

It's celebration time for Oregon bowlers

A Rose Bowl win ends years of frustration for Ducks fans
Jan. 2, 2012

In the first part of this week's episode, it's all Rose Bowl all the time for the Sportsland, Oregon. Los and Derek get togethIer after the game to break down the Ducks' first Rose Bowl victory in 95 years and the first Bowl victory of Chip Kelly's career.

They talk about all the big stars of the game, from De'Anthony Thomas and LaMichael James in the backfield to Kiko Alonso and Lavasier Tuinei as unexpected heroes. Then they discuss the rest of the major bowls and predict the National Championship, all before debating the merits of Andrew Luck as a Number 1 pick and a sure thing. 

In Part 2 of their marathon Rose Bowl podcast, Los and Derek make their NFL playoff predictions. With all of the potent offenses in this season's playoffs, it's tough to choose just two that will make the big game, let alone one that will win it.

Finally, Derek provides his send-off and valedictions to the Oregon Ducks' 2011 Football season.

All that, plus the usual segments, including What Plucks My Duck and What Makes Your Beaver Eager, all from Blitz Pearl in Northwest Portland.



The BCS will take care of itself for Oregon

Mon, 11/14/2011 - 6:41am
Cliff Pfenning
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Looking at the latest BCS football rankings, it's pretty easy to get a little pumped up about where the Oregon Ducks are in relation to Alabama and look ahead to what might happen if certain wins and losses play out the right way.

Oregon might get screwed and not be in the national title game for a second straight year because Eastern voters are in love with the Southeastern Conference.

The BCS computers love the SEC, too.

But, Oregon fans, and college football fans nationally, needn't worry about what might happen if LSU wins the SEC title game, Oregon wins the Pac-12 title, Oklahoma State loses to Oklahoma and Alabama wins its last two games.

Oregon should be in the final. Or the BCS should be scrapped in favor of a playoff system.

I'd be happy either way.

For starters, Oregon won't get into the final without an Oklahoma State loss. That's to Oklahoma, which is right on the heels of the Ducks, and would give Sooners fans a huge argument in favor of their school being in the final.

It's not hard to see the SEC champion in the final, too, since much of the Top 25 involves SEC teams, so that champion has earned its place if it's LSU, Alabama or Arkansas. Only an upset in the final by Georgia would open that spot up to Oregon or Oklahoma.

What really messes the whole national title game up is LSU and Alabama winning out, Oklahoma State losing to Oklahoma and the BCS computer moving Alabama up to No. 2 and scheduling a rematch with LSU in the title game - even though Alabama would not be a conference champion.

This scenario would only happen because the Pac-12 is so weak - only Oregon is ranked this week, and the Big 12 doesn't have a conference title game.

Plenty of voters could easily argue Alabama would actually be the second-best team in the nation. And, they might be, too.

That scenario would scream for two more rounds of playoffs - the winners of the four big bowls: Orange, Suger, Fiesta and Rose; playing in two semifinals at home sites, and then the champions playing in the title game at the site already selected, say Jan. 21 this season. The college football world is already moving there, it just might move there faster if LSU and Alabama are in the title game this season.


Civil War Pregame Prefunk

Sat, 12/04/2010 - 12:02pm
Wanna Be Like Mike

What’s on the line
There’s a lot at stake for both Oregon and Oregon State heading into this year’s 114th Civil War. For the #2 ranked Ducks, of course, it’s all about taking care of business against an inferior opponent and locking down a spot in the national championship game.

The spoils of a victory would be a bit different for the Beavers, but in a sense, the stakes are just as high. OSU currently sits at five wins on the season, and an upset victory today--no matter how unlikely--would make the embattled Beavs bowl eligible. Lose and the season is over; win and you not only get a bowl game, but you get the personal pleasure of ending your arch rival’s championship dreams.

Civil War history lesson
The Ducks lead the all time series against the Beavers with a record of 57-46-10. Believe it or not, at 25-18-5, Oregon actually has a slightly higher winning percentage in Corvallis against OSU than at home. The Ducks have dominated the Beavs of late, going 25-9-1 against their neighbors from the north since 1975.

Yeah, the Ducks are pretty good
- Oregon’s 555 points so far this year is a program record.
- If the Ducks win today, they’ll become the only Pac-10 school to go undefeated in conference play since the most recent 9-game schedule was introduced in 2006.
- Sophomore RB LaMichael James is 175 yards short of surpassing Jonathan Stewart’s school record of 1,722, which has stood since 2007.

Giant killers?

If OSU somehow finds a way to knock off the Ducks, they would cement their status as giant killers in the past few years. They knocked #1 USC off in 2008, of course. But don’t forget about 2007, when the Beavs knocked #2 Cal out of the national picture, or 2006, when they upset yet another highly ranked USC team. Will they pull an upset off this game? Probably not, but never say never with the Beavers.

Sportsland, Oregon: 11/23/2010 - #38

Wed, 11/24/2010 - 2:13am
Carlos Molina
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In the first part of an extra long holiday podcast, Los and the gang delve into the Blazers injury woes and their outlook for the rest of the season, and discuss the action around the rest of the league. Then they move on to BCS talk, including possible championship scenarios, Black Friday, and awards winners. This is all followed by the NFL, and early seasoncollege basketball action.

In Part 2, Los and the gang wrap up everything else they missed in Part 1, including NCAA Women's soccer, Baseball Rookie's of the Year, High School football playoffs, Kentucky vs Portland in Men's basketball, and this week's segments, including This Week in Oregon Sports History and What Plucks My Duck.

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