Oregon Ducks polls

It's just half the season

Mon, 10/11/2010 - 12:04pm
Wanna Be Like Mike

Oregon was ranked No. 2 in both the AP poll and the Coaches' Poll after its 43-23 win at Washington State. At 6-0, the season is just half over and way too much is made of rankings. As Chip Kelly likes to say, "Who remembers what team was ranked No. 2 midway through the season last year?" They mean nothing and most importantly, Oregon knows it and the Ducks won't let it get to their heads.

Fans, meanwhile, don't have to have this mentality and it's fun to have your team in line to play in the national title game if they win out. But too many fans take the AP poll too seriously. It has absolutely no factor in the BCS standings. Jon Wilner, an AP voter from the San Jose Mercury News, as a ballot that is always peculiar, but it's his opinion. The comment section when he releases his ballot to the public is just brutal. He must have some very thick skin or he just doesn't read it.

Why fans take it so personally that he would not vote (insert team here) as high as they think he should is beyond me. The AP poll means NOTHING.

The BCS standings officially come out next Sunday, but ESPN put together a mock standings a week beforehand and Boise St. came out top with Oregon No. 2 and TCU No. 3. The uproar is just starting. But again, it means NOTHING, especially the Boise St. angle. Their Strength of Schedule will go down as they make their way through the weak WAC schedule and other teams' SOS's, ie, Oregon, Michigan St. Auburn, ect, will go up.

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