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LA still rules the Rose Garden

The Lakers might not be headed anywhere, but we still want to see them
July 15, 2013 / By Cliff Pfenning, oregonsports.com

Dwight Howard?

It's good that he's gone from the Los Angeles Lakers line-up.

Kobe Bryant?

He'll be back.

The Los Angeles Lakers?

They're a No. 7 seed in the Western Conference at best next season. But, they're still a hot ticket because of the rivalry built up with the Blazers, which is the sentiment of the cast of Sportsland, Oregon from the 17th Episode, recorded Monday night at Blitz Pearl in downtown Portland.

Marlon Thomas, Michael Chamberlain and host Cliff Pfenning all put the Lakers on their four-pack of teams they'd want to see next season, which made them the only team to receive four votes. Miami? The two-time defending league champs only got one vote. Other teams with two votes were the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers and Brooklyn Nets. Even Oklahoma City got just one vote.

Making the Lakers' tickets even more valuable is that the cast expects the Blazers to be competitive with LA for a playoff spot next season.

On the soccer pitch, the cast reflects on the Timbers' 2-1 win over the LA Galaxy and how important it was to the franchise.

Major League baseball, the British Open, Wimbledon and ... paying your taxes all highlight the episode.


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