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Remembering the past is always fun

Wed, 03/13/2013 - 7:46am
Cliff Pfenning
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When I ran across Dennis Murphy on Saturday at the Class 6A state basketball tournament, he lit up on a topic he knows very well, but doesn't get to talk about much anymore.

It's his first championship - one he earned in 38 years ago while coaching Little League softball.

I ran across that fact two years ago while doing some history research and finding that a team from Gresham had won the softball World Series in 1983. I worked on getting that team together for a 30-year anniversary, and there's some video of that up on Those ladies had a great time showing off photos from their experience three decades earlier.

Murphy's name popped up on the list of champions, and immediately hit me - is that the same Dennis Murphy who's the basketball coach at South Medford?

Murphy had a great time talking about the unique elements of that season as the South Medford band played in the background, in particular, that the team won the series in the only year softball actually played in Williamsport. Softball people will note that's a good thing as the field there is baseball oriented, not softball - there's grass in the infield.

Since then, Murphy has gone on to a distinguished

The best part of the interview was at the end, after filming, when he sat back down and and reflected on reflecting with a big smile - "that was fun."

Getting people to talk about their experiences is always fun for me, too.

And, hey, how about those hats?

Here's the video:


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