Possible Super Bowl Match ups.

Sure the NFL Conference Championships are this weekend, but let’s look ahead. Who could we see in Super Bowl XLII, and who do we want to see?

There are four possible matchups at this point.

New England vs Philadelphia

New England vs Minnesota

Jacksonville vs Philadelphia

Jacksonville vs Minnesota

Our friends in Las Vegas say that we have the best shot of seeing a New England vs Minnesota match-up. Does that sound the most interesting to you? Perhaps, obviously the most recognizable team to the county/world out of this group is New England, and while Minnesota has Case Keenum running its offense most folks seem to trust him more than they do Nick Foles at this point so wouldn’t this be the best possible match up to watch?

You’ll have a Pats offense that will throw 40-50 times and a Vikings D that has the ability to hold their own.


Should we go crazy here and should we think about the best possible game from an entertainment stand point? Could that be a dreaded match up of Jacksonville vs Philadelphia? Most fans would poo poo this potential match-up of two QBs who wouldn’t start on half the teams in the league. But hear me out. Don’t we want to watch a game full of surprises, full of competitiveness, full of wild changes?

Tell me why this match up wouldn’t produce? Neither team has won a Super Bowl, the Eagles have won some NFL championships before the Super Bowl became a thing, the Jags haven’t even played in one. Both teams would be fighting for their first Super Bowl, both teams have a great D but are susceptible to long plays.

Annnnddd, both QBs have had success in the past. We should all remember Nick Foles' 27 TDs and 2 INT season or Blake Bortles' 4,428 yard 35 TD season?

We’ll see in a couple of days what match up we get but I don’t care for ratings I can about TV entertainment. I’m pulling for a Jags vs Eagles. How about you?