College Football Playoff

Sure the first College Football Playoff standings were interesting but don't you think the second one will be more so? Sure #3 played #4 and we'll know what happens there. But Mississippi St. and Florida St. played poor games and didn't win convincingly. Will the committee keep them ranked 1-2 just because they're undefeated? 

They’ve said they’re looking for the best teams. A 7 point win against Arkansas doesn’t seem like the best team in the country to me?

And how far does Ole Miss slip. They were ranked behind Auburn and barley lost, by inches. Do they have to move below the slew of 1 loss teams? Or do they only get dropped a little.

I think it’ll be interesting to see what the committee will do with Auburn, right now I’d move them up. I think they’re better than Miss St and FSU.

What do you think?