2014 US Open Review

Well the 2014 US Open for Roofball is in the books and I’m very happy to announce that Derek Weber, that’s me, won his/my seventh tournament.

We had 21 players competing for the 16th annual US Open and the final three came down to Christian Verkest, Dale Bernhardt, (both one-time RFA Cup Champs) and myself. Christian and I advanced to the finals were Christian got off to a solid start with an around in the second inning. We traded throws until Christian needed a ping and a catch on his last throw to tie. Christian let the ball go and hit the pole, now all he needed was a catch, but the ball took a huge bounce to the right and went to far for him to catch it. I threw my last throw not needing anything got a simple catch. Final score of 40-38.

Seven women participants played setting a record for most women competitors in one tournament. Try as they might they could not beat Amy Determan who won her fifth Woman’s Title. She tied her own single-game score with a 47. One newcomer made the semi's as Devin Humpage threw a 26, 37, 25.

The next tournament, the Roofball games, will be played in September. Stay tuned for more details.