2014 US Open Preview, No Roofball not Tennis

We’re 4 days away from the 16th annual US Open. 

On August 17 24 players will compete for the 16th annual US Open. Defending Champion Derek Weber (hey that's me!), will try to defend his back to back titles against eight time champ, Casey Campbell, six time champ Dan O’Reilly and four time champs Adam Willis and Buddy Emmons. Jason Richard a 3 time champ looks to win his 4th title out of 5 tournements ever played.

Other competitors include:

Steve Stupey – 2009 US Open Champ and 2014 RFA Cup Champ

Beth Willis – 14 time woman’s champion

Amy Determan – Two time woman’s champion

If you’re interested in learning more check out www.roofball.org where you can find out more about the rules, players and records. Interested in showing up watching or possibly playing? Email president@roofball.org.