What's best for the Blazers?


There's really three places the Blazers can finish up this season. I want to know what's the best spot for them.

1. Make a run at a playoff spot and get bounced in the first round. This would cause them to lose their first round draft pick to the Charlotte Bobcats to complete the Gerald Wallace trade, top 12 protected.

2. Finish just outside the playoffs in the 13-14 spot. Assuming they don't move up in the lotto they would lose their first round pick here as well.

3. Get bogged down by playing the NBA's toughest remaining schedule and fall into the bottom 12 teams in the league. They would keep their draft pick, since it's top 12 protected through 2015, unless a team in the 13-14 slot moves past them, highly unlikely.

So what's best for the team?  It really comes down to how the Blazers or you as fans value the draft pick. Making the playoffs sounds good, but with a very small chance of moving on is it really going to do much for you and you'd be giving up that draft pick?

The 13-14 spot might be the worst spot, no playoffs and no pick. However the Blazers will have to give up the pick as some point. Is this the year? Are there any impact players you want in the last stage of the lotto?

Perhaps you can get value for the pick if it's in the lotto.

Remember Neil Olshey, Blazers GM, has talked a lot about cap space this summer. If he doesn't feel that a draft pick would be much help I could seem him hoping to give it the Bobcats or getting rid of it another way. Any draft pick you have places a hold on available cap space come time to sign free agents.

So what do you think is the best scenario for the Blazers?