Oregon's football drama is on the other sideline

For the University of Oregon football fans who can remember the 1994 season that culminated with a trip to the Rose Bowl, times have certainly changed.

The team wins more - a lot more, and it's expected to win basically every week. Heck, not basically, just flat out. And, it does.

Oregon wins so often that it's sort of moved right out of the Pac-12 and into the nation's BCS title contenders.

Look at the Ducks' schedule this season and is there another game that sparks any real interest like Nov. 3 at USC?

Washington? Saturday's opponent? Maybe the Huskies will hang on for a half, like Washington State did last year.

If there's one down side to the Oregon football team being so good, it's that there are never any real wins anymore. They're all just waiting to happen. They're all supposed to be victories. The only real drama in any of the games nowadays, is if they can prevent a loss. The real drama for every game the Ducks play is on the opposing sideline. That's what will always make the 1994 season special, because Oregon was the other sideline.

And Washington was Oregon's big rival. OSU hadn't done anything in decades other than lose, and Oregon had been to a couple bowl games in the recent past, so they were due for a special run. The best way to know it was going to happen? Washington. Beat Washington.

The 1994 game, played at Autzen, provided the Ducks the opportunity that set the program up for two decades of success. Kenny Wheaton, just a freshman, returned an interception the lentgh of the field for a touchdown and the Ducks won 31-20.

But, that was a long time ago.

In the following decade, OSU started winning and even went to a BCS game, which made the Civil War important again. And, the Huskies just haven't kept pace. They win sporadically and celebrate when they are able to beat Stanford. The Huskies are ranked thie week - wow!!!

Oregon fans will get pumped when they start drawing votes for No. 1 away from Alabama.

So, Saturday, get out the frankenweenies and marshmallows as the Ducks roast the Huskies across Autzen. Again.