Rookies realize it takes stones to curl

Olympic sport gets a showing at Lloyd Center ice
By Cliff Pfenning,

Shuffleboard on ice sprang to life Tuesday night at the Lloyd Center ice rink.

That's Curling for those in the know.

The Evergreen Curling Club showcased the Olympic sport to 48 people as part of an quarterly effort to build membership in what many first-time participants concluded was a lively and entertaining activity.

"It's got a lot facets to it that make it a lot of fun," Gladstone's Larry Cahill said. "It's like shuffleboard but with so many more levels to it.

"And you can work up a good sweat playing it."

Curling, which hardcore enthusiasts like to refer to as "chess on ice," dated from the 1500s, where paintings show a form of the game being played on frozen lakes. A curling club in Scotland traces its history to 1716.

Curling moved to Canada in the 1700s and a club in Montreal formed in 1807.

The sport received Olympic status in 1998.

The Evergreen Curling Club, which organizes seven-week seasons at Lloyd Center throughout the year, and members pay around $150 per season.

The club has four more demonstrations scheduled during and after the Vancouver Winter Games, which begin Feb. 12.