Badminton works way into metro mentality

Portland Badminton Club looks at a second facility
By Cliff Pfenning,
Many of the PBC members work at Intel.
Photo by Cliff Pfenning,

In less than two years, competitive badminton has taken hold in the Portland metro area that the lone professional club is looking to expand.

Ralph Cervantes, who opened the Portland Badminton Club in 2009, recently said he’s looking at opportunities for a second club.

“We’ve had great response at our club at all levels,” Cervantes said. “We’re actually starting to outgrow our current facility and that makes it somewhat necessary to look for a second site.

“Badminton is a growth sport in Portland.”

The Portland Badminton Club is located in Hillsboro, close to the Intel campus, where most of the players work. But, enough players, especially those in younger competitive age-groups, have become members, that Cervantes has begun to investigate a second club.

Badminton, which is an Olympic sport, has organized clubs at several in-state colleges and universities. The PBC has sponsored several tournaments that have attracted regional competitors.

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