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The View from an Upset: OSU vs. USC Slideshow

Tue, 11/23/2010 - 5:05am
Wanna Be Like Mike

Better late than never, here are some nice shots from the OSU vs. USC game Saturday by photographer Dave Giezyng.

It's a slideshow, so just click the link and let it go. After about the first 15 pics it'll switch to shots from prevoius Beavs home games, so if you have a little free time kick back and enjoy a look back at the season, montage-style.



OSU vs. USC: Pregame Prefunk, Do or Die Edition

Sat, 11/20/2010 - 5:10pm
Wanna Be Like Mike

Saturday, November 20, 4:30 pm

Usually I spend this time before OSU football games here in the press box, eating free media cookies and spurting out random pregame stats and figures. But for this game tonight against USC, it just didn't seem appropriate. The Beavers are, after all, 4-5 and facing the distinct possibility of a season with no bowl game--a huge disappointment no matter what your preseason expectations might have been for this team.

So you can throw out all the stats tonight. This game? It’s all about heart, hustle and playing like your season depends on it, because it really does. The Beavs need to somehow conjure two wins against three really good teams to close out the season, the last of which being the #1 program in the nation in interstate rival Oregon.

Desperation is easily the best motivation, and tonight we’ll find out what this Oregon State team is really made of. Win or lose, did they fight, scrap and leave everything on the field? If not, you have to begin questioning not only the talent on this still young roster, but also the ability of Coach Mike Riley to lead them in their continued climb towards relevance.

For what it’s worth, I still think that OSU has quality talent, and a great coach, but what do I know? The answers will all play out on the field, and there’s no better time to prove what you’re made of than GAME TIME.

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