Super Bowlers, but super brand?

Where do the Patriots sit among top US sports brands?
Sportland Oregon staff

When you reflect on all the pro teams from the five major leagues across the US: NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball, NHL and even Major League Soccer, what's the top brand name for fans across the nation and even worldwide?

The New England Patriots might be No. 1 in terms of Super Bowls won in the past decade, but does anyone in Greece know who they are?

In this episode, we ponder that question as well as the recent NBA trade that send DeMarcus Cousins to New Orleans, sorta SNL-style, too.

Oregon is gearing up for its NCAA Tournament run, but what about Gonzaga? The Zags might be a No. 1 seed, but does the NCAA really want a school from Spokane playing in the final? We chat that up as well as how coach Mark Few might be playing the tournament up to his players.

We also hit on the key event for the upcoming week: the Daytona 500. All recorded at Pour Sports in SE Portland.


What's Michigan got to do with it?

The Wolverines might be a model for what can happen to a top FB program
Oct. 12, 2015 / By Cliff Pfenning, Oregonsports Journal

Was that the Oregon football team just a fourth-and-goal conversion from being ranked in the Top 4 earlier in the season?


Heading into Saturday’s game at Washington, a program the Ducks haven’t lost to in 11 years, the Ducks are three-point underdogs.

Underdogs to Washington. That’s how much the 2015 season has turned over in two months.

That’s a key part of the Sportsland, Oregon episode for this week, recorded at Pour Sports in Southeast Portland.

The Ducks head to Seattle off a two-overtime loss at home to Washington State in which they failed to stop the Cougars the final four times they had the ball and scored just once themselves in spite of fielding a tailback, Royce Freeman, who ran for 246 yards.

Co-hosts Cliff Pfenning and Derek Weber take on what the state of the UO program is in mid-season and how the rest of the country might be looking at the team as is struggles forward from 3-3 and needing three wins to become bowl eligible - three combined against: Washington, ASU, California, Stanford, USC and Oregon State.

The Blazers get some time, Major League Baseball, the Timbers and, oh yes, roofball.

Episode 27.

Can Oregon still reach the playoffs?

SPORTSLAND - College football might be crazy enough for that to happen
Oct. 6, 2015 / By Cliff Pfenning, Oregonsports Journal

Imagine if the Oregon football team went unbeaten the rest of the season, and beat unbeaten Utah in the Pac-12 Conference title game. Would that be enough for the Ducks to reach the College Football Playoffs?

Even though Oregon would have two losses at the time, while there may likely be more than four other teams with just one loss.

That's a subject for Sportsland, Oregon co-hosts Cliff Pfenning and Derek Weber in this week's episode. Will there be a two-loss team among the four teams that reach the playoffs.

And, is that even something the Ducks should be focused on at all? Once upon a time, the Rose Bowl was a big deal - remember?

The NFL's crazy season as well gets some time, as does the upcoming Major League Baseball playoffs. Sure the American League has some prime contenders, but will anyone watch the Toronto Blue Jays play the Kansas City Royals if they win their division series? And, just who's on the Yankees these days other than A-Rod?

Fortunately, there's five outstandings options for the World Series on the National League side, so an audience for that series seems assured.

The Timbers get a few moments, too, as do the Oregon football uniforms for this week.

All recorded Monday at Pour Sports Restaurant in Southeast Portland.


Blazers have their work cut out

Memphis wasn't Portland's first choice for playoffs
April 22, 2015 / Staff report

It's wasn't supposed to be Memphis.

But, the Grizzlies are who the Blazers got for the first round of the NBA Playoffs.

It's the key topic of this episode of Sportsland, Oregon 2015.

Portland got the Grizzlies after they slipped from second to fifth in the final stretch of the regular season, which they may have done by design. Memphis beat Portland four times this season, and has homecourt edge in the best-of-seven series.

The series is, of course, the first of a two-month long playoff voyage that ends in late June, with all but the most hearty of competitors still around. Others are on beaches.

Co-hosts Cliff and Derek take on the Portland=Memphis series along with pro soccer, pro football, pro baseball and all the other topics of the day, recording from Blitz Pearl in Northwest Portland.


The haters took their lumps Monday

Duke won the NCAA tourney again highlights Sportsland Episode 10
April 6, 2015 / By Cliff Pfenning, Oregonsports Journal

Duke again?

The top story in this week's Sportsland, Oregon podcast takes on what the Blue Devils' win in the NCAA Tournament means to college basketball, and how far away the Oregon Ducks and OSU Beavers are from getting the same result. Especially when a key player in the title game is a lightly-used guard who has the game of his life in the title contest.

Then, it's onto the NBA and who the Portland Trail Blazers might play in the first round of the NBA Playoffs: the Los Angeles Clipper, San Antonio Spurs, or even Memphis or Houston. Who's the best option for a first-round win?

The Timbers getting a win, Major League Baseball starts up, and the Masters is this week. Does anyone care about golf if Tiger Woods isn't involved in the tournament? And, why does Tiger even want to play in an event other than a Major?

All recorded at Blitz Pearl in Northwest Portland.



What's a Beaver to do?

OSU's football future is a key topic for Sportsland, Oregon No. 23
Nov. 10, 2014

With another upset dodged by the Oregon football program in Utah, the Ducks are assured of a spot in the Pac-12 Conference title game.

Again - finally.

Oregon won the inaugural title game, and played for the national championship in 2011, but got sideswiped the past two seasons by Stanford. No such problems this season. So, coach Mark Helfrich has guided the team back to where the program's supporters expect it to be.

And, Oregon State? The Beavers lost their fourth-straight game Saturday to Washington State, which started a freshman quarterback. With the loss, the Beavers are in need of two wins in their last three games - starting with No. 7 Arizona State on Saturday - to reach a bowl game. With the program stuck on six wins being a prosperous season, the future of the OSU program is a key topic for Sportsland, Oregon host Cliff Pfenning, and guest commentator Earl Frederick.

Does OSU need to look in another direction for its head coaching position? Or can coach Mike Riley raise the program from mediocrity as he did in the late 90s?

It's all recorded at Blitz Pearl in Northwest Portland.


What's pitching got to do with it?

The LA Dodgers might have the best starters in baseball, but not relievers
Oct. 6, 2014

The Oregon Ducks took a beating in Thursday's game with Arizona - although not really on the scoreboard, but that was Thursday. The Major League Baseball playoffs are in full swing, and that's the key subject of Sportland, Oregon's Episode 19, recorded at Blitz Pearl in Northwest Portland.

Host Cliff Pfenning and Derek Weber talk about the troubles starting pitchers have when they don't have stellar relievers behind them - that apparently is the problem with the Los Angeles Dodgers, who moved with a game of having their season end to the hands of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Then, it's analysis of the Ducks and their offense, defense, celebrations, and the wild season college football is having. Oregon still might have a chance to move back into the top four, but a lot of teams are going to need to lose once, or even twice ahead of them for that to happen. And the Ducks have to get back to their dominating ways starting with Saturday's game with UCLA at the Rose Bowl.

The Beavers, Timbers and even Blazers get air time on this episode.



Beavers have a huge dam to burst

OSU's history at USC leads the discussion on Sportsland, Oregon
Sept. 22, 2014

Has it really been that long?


Oregon State hasn't won at USC since - the AFL started, but that's alway in the past and this week they get another shot at redemption from that history as they head to the LA Coliseum to take on No. 18 USC.

OSU is 3-0 entering the game, fresh off a 28-7 win over San Diego State in which quarterback Sean Mannion set the all-time passing record in Corvallis and moved up to No. 3 on the Pac-12 list.

This the year? That's a key topic for the Sportsland, Oregon cast - Cliff Pfenning and Derek Weber - as they chat up the sports world, including the frustration of watching the Oregon Ducks beat/survive Washington State. Next up is Arizona, but it's more than a week away.

The NFL gets its time, the Majors and the stretch run to the playoffs get their focus, as does the world of fantasy sports.

It's all recorded at Blitz Pearl in Northwest Portland.


It's a fantasy time for football fans

NFL kickoff highlights Episode 16 of Sportland, Oregon
Sept. 4, 2014

If this is the second week of September, then it must be time for the NFL season to begin.

And, that means Fantasy Football leagues get underway, which makes the sport the most involved game for fans of any sport in the world.

So, who went first in your league? That's a topic for this week's episode of Sportsland, Oregon, recorded at The Pit Stop in SW Portland.

Co-hosts Cliff Pfenning and Derek Weber chat up the fun of the league's season-openers, as well as college football and the huge game involving Rose Bowl champion Michigan State at Oregon, with its implications on the post-season playoff.

Oregon State heads to Hawaii, with a chance to go to 2-0.

Then, there's the Timbers and their continued push to reach the MLS Playoffs, and the future of basketball and its World Championships.

And, Major League Baseball is making its push toward the playoffs.




The postseason races start to heat up

SPORTSLAND Episode 15 targets the Dodgers and MLB Playoff races
Aug. 12, 2014

With all that money available, the Los Angeles Dodgers are doing exactly what they're supposed to be doing this summer - winning, and a lot of it - which is the focus of the 15th episode of Sportsland, Oregon, 2014.

As long-time Dodgers fans, hosts Cliff Pfenning and Derek Weber chat up the team and the upcoming possibilities for the MLB Playoffs, as well as a host of other topics that include the NFL, NBA, Pac-12, Timbers, Thorns, even the recreational sport of Roofball.

The Oregon Ducks are ranked anywhere from fourth to ninth in most national polls, which seems like the appropriate spot for the program, at least from past seasons. Coach Mark Helfrich will be in season No. 2, which is plenty of distance from former coach Chip Kelly, who led the team to a National Championship game. Stanford, and likely UCLA, will be in the Ducks way to the first year of the BCS Playoffs, with Michigan State being a big indicator of the program's success in Week 2 of the upcoming season.

It's all recorded at The Pit Stop in Southwest Portland.


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