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Too bad about Nick

Fri, 01/05/2018 - 3:56pm
Cliff Pfenning
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As the football season heats up professionall, and concludes collegiately, I look longingly at Nick Saban and how he isn't a better American. Or isn't allowed to be a better American ... because he's just a coach. A football coach, and really nothing more.

Saban is a great coach, who's built an absolute dynasty at the University of Alabama, but that's pretty much where his impact on the world ends. He's a coach. And, when football really is boiled down, it's entertainment for the masses. There's plenty of life lessons involved for the athletes involved, and those get passed on to fans - often in the form of movies. But, when society hits a social minefield such as the one we're engulfed in now, coaches of pretty much every sport at every level are pretty much required to ... shut up.

"You're a coach, so just coach."

And, that's what he does for more than $11 million per year. Anyone else in his shoes might do precisely the same thing, as you're not required to do more.

Yet, especially when there's mention of the "Tea Party" that infiltrated the U.S. Elections in 2010 and beyond, it's not hard to wonder how the nation will become "great again" if people don't make it happen, especially people who have the ability to influence a community for a greater purpose. That Tea Party was involved in causing colonists to break away from British rule in the 1750s into the 1780s. They did it at considerable peril, too.

Saban's considerable peril is just monetary.

As I think about what Nick could do for America, there's a path that's not actually all that perilous that would help the nation greatly. All he has to do is share with the world what he teaches his players about life, and then examine the world through those lessons.

How much respect can you give someone for calling you names in public? Like "Little Marco," or "Lyin' Ted"? Our elected leaders don't seem to be able to touch a subject like that because they seem to have lost the ability to be good Americans themselves, and instead are just Republicans or Democrats.

What all our elected Republicans and Democrats need is a return to basic logic, such as legislative acts should be well planned and thought out for the good of the country, not just won or lost on behalf of a particular party. The media would immediately turn that statement toward Republicans in Congress for their repeated actions of "just win, baby" so we can say we won. That would make Nick a liberal or a Democrat-sympathiser, which would be the peril involved because Alabama fans, according to one study done in 2012, are the most Republican-leaning fans in the nation - pro or college.

Why would Nick tell Congress to act better? Because it's a great thing to do, and it's a great time to do it, too. Remind our public leaders that there's a nation they need to take care of, and it's more than just two parties with differing views.

That's the kind of thing that would make him more than just a coach, more than just an entertainer. That would make him a great American.




Ducks headed for San Antonio?

Oregon would face Oklahoma in the Alamo Bowl if predictions hold
Dec. 3, 2013

Well, the University of Oregon football team took care of not having to play in the Rose Bowl again with a disturbing loss at Arizona two weeks ago, but the bright side would be a trip to a bowl the team hasn't played in before - the Alamo Bowl.

More than one online site have the Ducks playing Oklahoma, Dec. 30, in San Antonio, Texas.

Reports from and, have the same match-up as major conferences head to their championship games, all of which will affect the BCS bowls, on Saturday.

Oregon would be one of eight Pac-12 teams to play in a bowl game. Oregon State became bowl eligible with six wins in midseason before finishing with five straight losses.

The Beavers are viewed as a replacement team for an SEC bowl spot, a spot that assumes Auburn will win the SEC title Saturday over Missouri. The Beavers are headed for the Independence Bowl to play Georgia Tech according to, while has them playing in either the Poinsettia Bowl or Heart of Dallas Bowl.

Stanford, Arizona State, USC, UCLA, Washington and Arizona are all slated to play in a bowl game, with Stanford being a heavy favorite to beat Arizona State in the Pac-12 Conference title game.

In other title games, No. 1 Florida State plays Duke for the ACC title, No. 2 Ohio State plays Michigan State for the Big 10 title, and Utah State plays Fresno State for the Mountain West title. Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Baylor and Texas are all alive for the Big 12 title.






Tue, 09/14/2010 - 2:24pm
Derek Weber
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Cupcakes, everybody loves them, right? Not me, some people say their sweet and savory, I say they’re boring and a waste of time. Wait, you thought I was talking about the little pieces of cake covered in paper, no I’m talking about football, more specifically the “smaller” teams and programs the big boys schedule. So I guess I don’t really hate the cupcakes I just hate that “big time” programs of the world schedule them. I want to watch GOOD football, people!

The top college football teams build their season on weaker opponents. The system basically encourages them to do so. Why should a team poised for a National Championship run threaten that by scheduling an out of conference game against an opponent that has a chance of winning?

That being said, I started looking at it this year and realized that hey some of these teams are scheduling some decent, and in some cases good opponents. Let’s take a look at the top ten teams and their schedules thus far.

Alabama – San Jose State, Penn State

Ohio State – Marshall, Miami

Boise State – Virginia Tech

TCU – Oregon State, Tennessee Tech

Oregon – New Mexico, Tennessee

Texas – Rice, Wyoming

Oklahoma – Utah State, Florida State

Nebraska – Western Kentucky, Idaho

Iowa – Eastern Illinois, Iowa State

Florida – Miami (OH), South Florida

As you can see Alabama, Ohio State, Boise State and even Oklahoma are playing some good teams. Nobody on the list has played more than one and Nebraska, Iowa and Florida could step it up a bit.

I have to say I’m surprised to see teams scheduling some competitive games. Now if we could eliminate the FBS vs. FCS games or make sure they don’t count on the record we’d have something.

“I’m tired of hearing about money, money, money, money, money. I just want to play the game, drink Pepsi, wear Reebok.” Shaquille O’Neal

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