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FSU represents for the football world

Seminoles win an exciting title game, Oregon dreams of Ducks, Blazers
Jan. 6, 2014 / Staff

Auburn might not have been able to pull off another miracle finish, but the Tigers helped Florida State into a worthy national champion following a 34-31 win by the Seminoles Monday.

The game was exciting, and didn't involve any crowd shots of any player's partners, which made it a really great game.

And, of course, it's not the end of football season as there's still plenty of NFL action left.

That's the storyline for the first episode of Sportsland, Oregon, recorded at Blitz Pearl in Northwest Portland Monday night.

Cast members Cliff Pfenning and Marlon Thomas talk up the thriling nature of the college title game and where Oregon might be as the 2014 season unofficially began with FSU breaking the seven-year run of titles by the SEC.

The Blazers keep earning solid wins, but their recent lack of domination has the cast poking around for what they might be needing as trade/free agency talk begins to affect the league as the year progresses. Now that Portland is a quality team, what's the affect of proposed player movement going to be on the team?

It's all recorded at Blitz Pearl in Northwest Portland, with the first episode joined by guests Mike Stasiak and Ben Hamblen, who provide an Eastern View of the Oregon drama.

Oregon vs. K-State, that's a match-up for TV

Alabama and Notre Dame would just make the BCS Title Game boring
Oct. 27, 2012 / By Cliff Pfenning, oregonsports.com

The University of Alabama football team has consistently gotten all the votes for No. 1 in the Associated Press poll and is No. 1 in the BCS Rankings, but that's almost completely because of the team's defense, and that it plays in the Southeastern Conference.

If you've been able to watch the Crimson Tide play via the massive amounts of television coverage available any day of the week, you might come to a cynical conclusion - they're boring.

Yes, defense wins games, but it's also boring to watch a slow-moving, 34-10 victory, or something like that - that's what begins to take hold of Oregon fans after dismantling team after team after team with an offense that can draw criticism for not scoring in less than two minutes on a drive - no matter where it starts.

Sure, the Ducks haven't played the heart of their schedule, but they've run away from all eight of their opponents from the opening kickoff other than the first half against Washington State, which they thumped in the third quarter.

Oregon rolled up six scores against their last two opponents in less than 20 minutes each. Ouch.

Kansas State has rolled through its schedule, too, averaging a 44-17 win through eight consecutive wins. Saturday, the Wildcast blew out Texas Tech, 55-24, outscoring the Red Raiders 42-14 in the second half.

Alabama? The Tide rolled past No 13 Mississippi State 38-7 by scoring on their first three possessions, then going into the fourth quarter ahead only 24-0. On the West Coast, scoring only 24 points in three quarters isn't raising anyone's pulse. But, Alabama at least scores regularly.

Notre Dame? Fighting Irish showed off their America's luckiest team again by surviving an sub-par effort from Oklahoma to secure a 30-13 win that wasn't nearly the victory the score showed. Notre Dame is a solid team, but shows off what might be the nation's lamest play-calling on a weekly basis and wins narrowly.

ND beat Stanford on its home turf in overtime when the Cardinal couldn't drum up a play call other than run to the right on three straight plays from the 1.

ND beat BYU on its home turf, narrowly, after Oregon State won impressively with its back-up quarterback at BYU the week before.

Saturday's game was only the third time the Irish had scored more than 20 points in a game.


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