OSU makes another move - to No. 7

Oregon gets passed over by Kansas State in latest BCS Rankings
Oct. 21, 2012 / By Cliff Pfenning, oregonsports.com
Mike Riley has turned Oregon State into college football's biggest surprise this season.
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Oregon State took another step toward the BCS National Championship game Sunday by moving up to No. 7 in the rankings that ultimately decide which two teams play in the final game.

Oregon State?

With a home win over Utah moving the team up one more spot, and plenty of season left, there's at least a pathway the team and its fans can take to reach that final game with the right losses by teams ahead of it.

And, currently, there's only six teams ahead of OSU, and they play one of them - Oregon - in four weeks.

Two of the teams ahead of them - Alabana and Florida - would play each other in the SEC championship game if they remain unbeaten, leaving LSU on the outside of that game with no real logic on its side to play in the big game.

Notre Dame has played just well enough to look like a team ready to lose real soon, leaving just Kansas State as the outside threat to the Beavers' run. IF OSU wins out, it would have at least an argument to play in the title game against the SEC winner, unless Kansas State wins out.

The Wildcats don't have a conference title game in the Big 12 and play their primary threat to being unbeaten in Texas Tech on Saturday.

That's the Beavers

Oregon might face the same threat in Kansas State despite being ranked No. 2 in every human poll. In the BCS computer rankings, they're No. 4 behind Alabana, Florida and Kansas State, primarily because of the weakness of its schedule - which originally included Kansas State before the Wildcats got out of that game.

The Ducks still have plenty of opportunity to make the computer happy in the coming month with a Nov. 3 game at USC and then the Civil War against an Oregon State team that might very well be unbeaten and in the Top 5 by then.

What a game the Civil War might be this year. Two unbeaten teams.

BCS RANKINGS (Oct. 21, 2012)

No. 1   Alabama

No. 2   Florida

No. 3   Kansas State

No. 4   Oregon

No. 5   Notre Dame

No. 6   LSU

No. 7   Oregon State

No. 8   Oklahoma

No. 9   USC

No. 10 Georgia


No. 17 Stanford